About Us

A full-cycle marketing agency is a team of professionals who lead a project from the moment of developing an idea to the process of creating sites and promoting them. Regardless of the specifics of the product or service offered, its competitiveness and market presence, 1DigitalGuru specialists will attract new customers by increasing sales by at least 50%.

By ordering a site from 1DigitalGuru, you get a modern resource for advertising and selling your product. The agency works on creating web pages by talented designers and programmers who carefully think through the intuitive menu and site interface, the stylish appearance of each page and most importantly - guarantee the fast and error-free operation of all services.

Website promotion is the task of experienced marketers, SEO-specialists and copywriters. Each phrase on the page will work to attract new customers and increase the ranking of the site with popular search engines. Particularly effective in working with customers has shown SMM promotion - website promotion on social networks. Specialists in this field carefully study the portrait of the consumer of a service or product, and then work on expanding the audience and promoting the brand and product among those who are most interested in it.

It is important to understand that website promotion and promotion takes time, and the result of the work makes itself felt only after a few months. For those who want to quickly sell goods or services, we offer contextual advertising - online advertising, which is shown only by relevant request. Despite the high cost of ads and clicks on them, context is the fastest way to the buyer.