eCommerce Development in Los Angeles

The number of Internet users dynamically grows by 15% annually, which makes e-commerce website development an integral part of online business and the best way to sell a large volume of goods or services.

An online store is a website for a business that effectively advertises company products using descriptions and characteristics of product units, suggesting the opportunity to buy them. The website can be supplemented with various functions, both typical and complex. For the convenience of users and customers, complex payment systems can be developed for payment on the product’s page, personal account for interaction with the customer, various comparative characteristics of the goods, etc.

What Are the Stages Of Custom E-commerce Development?

1. Business Design Concept

When a client contacts our e-commerce development company, we determine the goals and objectives of the online store, advise the customer, recommending the best solutions for doing online business.

2. User Activity Analytics

Our team carries out a marketing analysis of all parameters affecting the effectiveness and profitability of the project. We monitor competitors, pricing and a niche, creating a selling structure and strategy for an online business. Our specialists make up a detailed work specification, corresponding to the customer’s wishes and the results of the analysis.

3. Technical Work

The designer draws a mock-up of the store’s design. The client approves the layout and it is transferred to the layout designer. If it is necessary to develop complex functionality, a programmer joins in. We select domain and hosting; develop an adaptive version of the page, establish a high level of protection against hacking.

4. Project Development

After the project completion and its launch, we begin work on its promotion. We select an individual method (search engine optimization, PPC, email marketing or contextual advertising) that is most suitable for business, or we offer comprehensive promotion work.

E-commerce web development is a capacious and complex set of works, the effectiveness of which depends on communication between our specialists and the customer.

What Are the Benefits of E-commerce Development In DigitalGuru?

  1. We do not use ready-made templates, so each design when creating an online store is unique, based on the clien’t wishes, features and needs of the target audience. Each design is exclusive and fully consistent with your ideas. We develop really cool designs.
  2. The custom e-commerce web development is based on the results of a marketing analysis. Based on the obtained data, we develop a selling structure, write the correct and motivating calls to action, so you get an unlimited number of orders.
  3. Your online store for business is 100% optimized for Google search engine. We guarantee a high download speed for the mobile and computer versions of the website.
  4. The correct display of the online store on all mobile and electronic devices. We are developing an adaptive version of the page for its ideal display on all screens.

A correct and effective website is not just a beautiful design. This is a business tool, the commercial component of your business, which task is to increase profits. Such a project should masterfully combine pleasant looks, a complete set of functions for ease of use, and good usability. Want to order the development of a selling website? Entrust it to our eCommerce development agency. We are interested in your success, focused on the result, therefore we are ready to develop a win-win project. DigitalGuru will become your partner and, based on its experience, will select the best eCommerce development solutions for your business.

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