Local SEO Services

It is generally accepted that a local business has little chance of competing with large companies of state or even international scale. This is not true. If you strive to receive customers through the Internet, then such competition is quite within your power. Moreover, you have a great chance to gain a leading position by ordering local SEO services.

When promoting a web resource, it is important from the very beginning to take into account the region in which you offer your services. This will provide a tangible advantage over competitors.

What is the Goal of Local SEO?

Local SEO is the maximum increase in your website visibility in a particular area or city. You are concentrating maximum efforts to get an audience from the territory where you provide your own services.

This type of promotion can have the following goals:

  • To attract customers to the website
  • To increase brand awareness in the region
  • To create an image of your own company
  • To facilitate the search for potential partners and investors

Local SEO allows you to sidestep in search results companies that focus on promotion across the country or in several countries.

What Are the Benefits Local SEO?

If you provide services in only one city, then you do not need to collect the entire audience of the Internet, which is looking for similar services on a worldwide network. All your potential clients live in one region and you can concentrate completely on them, without being afraid to lose positions in other countries or cities. Large-scale companies cannot afford this, as moving in one area they can lose ground in the rest.

Website promotion in several regions is also possible, but the higher the territorial coverage you are trying to get, the more time-consuming the promotion process will be.

What Are the Main Factors of Local SEO?

Top-level domain. The regional domain zone demonstrates to the search engine that your website was created specifically for users in this area.

If your website already has a state-level domain, then this can be changed by moving to another domain. At the same time, it is important to maintain current positions and traffic, and therefore, specialists set up redirects from old pages, thereby redirecting traffic and link weight to new ones.

But it is important to remember that this method is effective if you do not plan to expand the business in the near future and go beyond the region.

Semantics. Users often specify the geographical area where they are looking for a service or product. Such requests have a low frequency, and therefore quite often SEO specialists neglect them. But moving forward in one or several regions, you can get maximum targeted clicks.

What Kind Of Local SEO Services DigitalGuru Provides?

We compose the semantic core of the website according to user requests (we place special emphasis on requests from the region), group, identify popular key phrases. If the resource is already running, we conduct an analytical analysis. Even a young website can have its own traffic, so we start by studying statistics, determining the traffic and the most visited page. To promote the website in another region, the analysis of competition is urgent: identifying SEO strategies of local companies, their range of services and prices. We also eliminate errors and omissions that impede the effective search engine promotion of websites. After the successful promotion of the website in your city, we will be happy to help in promoting the website in several regions. Local SEO services company DigitalGuru is always ready to help you!

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