ModX Development in Los Angeles

Every business needs a web resource: whether you sell car parts or food, build houses or organize holidays, in any case, creating a Modx website is the ideal solution for you. Our Modx developers will create for you a website that is suitable for any business and will be an excellent tool to attract customers and increase sales.

Creating a website on Modx involves the following stages of work:

  1. Analysis of the business specifics and the study of the target audience
  2. Development of the website concept on Modx
  3. Creating an exclusive, individual, memorable and consistent with the corporate style design
  4. Development of all the necessary elements for the optimal functionality of the website
  5. Layout of the website template
  6. Filling with content: photos, texts, video files
  7. Placing a Modx website on the Internet

As a result, you will get a fully operational website.

Modx is not just an engine, but a complete platform for the development of software products and Internet resources of any complexity. That is, the website will be able to grow with your business. Even if at first you only need a business card site, later it can easily be expanded to an information portal, and later turned into a full-fledged online store. You don’t need to completely redo the website: Modx allows you to increase the capabilities of the resource when you need it.

Due to these and other advantages, website development on MODX may take less time than using other Content Management Systems.

What Are the Advantages of MODX Websites?

1. Extensibility, system flexibility

Websites on MODX is a paradise for developers. After all, this CMS gives them a wide field for experiments and technological implementations. The system allows them to implement even the most creative design, and programmers can modify the engine with their own modules. If you need a unique website created in accordance with the advanced trends of the web, as well as meeting the goals of your business, then MODX is the best choice.

2. Website speed

According to statistics, the visitor is ready to wait 2 seconds for the website to load, if the time is exceeded, they leave the resource. Also, website loading speed is an important ranking factor for Google – slow websites are not in the TOP. These are weighty arguments in favor of ordering to create a website on Modx, since websites running on this CMS load quickly and, therefore, bring new customers to you.

3. SEO focus

Due to the flexibility of the system, it is possible to automatically generate meta tags and readable URLs, which is a clear advantage for further website promotion.

4. CMS flexibility

Modx web development is also an investment in further growth, because the built-in capabilities of this CMS allow you to automatically configure all the components necessary for good indexing of a web project by search engines: meta tags, readable URLs, XML site map, popular queries.

5. Convenience and ease of administration

The website owner does not have to be well-versed in IT to understand how to manage the project. Everything in the admin panel is very clear, so editing the necessary sections and publishing new information on the website will not be difficult, even if your Modx website is from scratch.

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