SEO Audit Services in Los Agneles

SEO audit of a website is a detailed analysis of all pages. The main goal is to find problems that hinder the effective promotion of the website. The next step is to give recommendations for their elimination and further promotion of the website in Google and other search engines.

Digital Guru SEO audit agency will perform an in-depth analysis of your website, and competitors of your business. You will receive a detailed work plan to improve the website, a strategy for its optimization and promotion. The state and position of the website is affected by dozens of factors, we take into account everything, give working recommendations for improving the website.

When Do You Need A Detailed Website SEO Audit?

It is important for business owners to understand when a SEO website audit is needed and what benefits the service will bring. Let’s see in what cases it is worth ordering a SEO audit service.

  • Often promoted online resources do not reach the planned indicators for traffic and positions for a long time. The cause may lie in unresolved technical errors and incorrect link profile escalation. An audit will show errors, make it possible to correct them, and adjust the promotion strategy. You will get a strategy that will lead to the intended results.
  • Startups, portals, large websites with a complex structure. For such resources, it is impossible to develop an effective promotion strategy without preliminary research.
  • An audit is also needed for young projects. In such cases, internal optimization and promotion will be effective only after a SEO audit.

What Do You Get From the Professional SEO Audit?

DigitalGuru specialists use several analytical tools that give a complete picture of the website state. This allows them to find all the problems and technical errors. Most often, website promotion is hindered by:

  • Incorrectly constructed structure
  • Duplicate pages
  • Problems with title and description
  • Errors in compiling and clustering the semantic core
  • Low-quality content
  • Errors with the formation of the url
  • Links from non-trust sites

After analyzing your website, we can:

  • Make a list of duplicate pages and propose a solution to this problem
  • Give recommendations on speeding up downloads
  • Rebuild the structure
  • Change the architecture of landing pages
  • Build the correct linking
  • Improve content on all pages
  • Find links from low-quality and "toxic" donors and reject them

How Do We Do SEO Audit?

DigitalGuru SEO specialists use a common work algorithm that makes the audit effective. Our checklist includes several key points:

Analysis of the website and its technical condition

In 50-70% of cases, websites do not grow in SERPs precisely because of technical problems. We begin to work with their identification. Indexing errors, duplicates, nonexistent pages – we find and eliminate all this.

Website structure and its improvement

An analysis of the structure of the website will show how convenient it is for the user and how quickly you can find the necessary information on the website. If too complex structure impedes promotion and worsens behavioral factors, we will build another, more effective website architecture.

Page architecture and website content improvement

For SEO, it is imperative that the content on each page and its architecture could satisfy the user's request. For example, a product card should contain all the basic information in a simple and convenient form. When conducting an audit, our experts offer improvements to the content of the website.

Link mass analysis and recommendations for improving the link profile

Links from trust websites, obtained through quality content, remain an important ranking factor on Google. Carrying out the analysis, we determine the quantity and quality of links. We identify "toxic" donors, links from which harm the website. Our specialists are forming a strategy for adjusting the link profile and building it up properly.

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