Website Development in Los Angeles

In the era when most people are looking for products, goods and services via the Internet, it is in your power to make your company a leader among competitors and receive a steady daily stream of new customers.

DigitalGuru outsources web development company offers a full range of website development services: website development, promotion, advertising, redesign, marketing, copywriting, support, maintenance and other works that help to create a website from scratch, run and promote it in the TOP of search results for the company development and the client making a profit.

The main goal of our professional web development company is to build a concept based on the company’s advantages, responsive to market changes, niches and trends, timely change and adjust the strategy so that the website could confidently hold its position in the top search results, is convenient to use and meets current trends website building. Each custom website developed by our offshore web development company is a combination of modern automated technologies and systems with high download speed and simple management. We approach comprehensively to the website creation. Professional marketers, designers, programmers, layout designers, copywriters take part in the work. As a result, our customers receive a tool that allows the business to grow and develop.

What Websites Do We Develop?

We offer website development services of the following types:

  • Landing Page
  • Corporate website
  • Online store
  • Business card website

All types of websites share a common goal – to sell goods, services or information. However, they all have their own specifics and features.

Landing Page is aimed at attracting visitors, converting them to customers and maximizing sales of only one product or service. The landing page is created by the selling structure, has calls to action and motivates the visitor to buy. Depending on the niche in which the company operates, a high-quality landing page can bring up to 45% conversion. This is an ideal option for selling exclusive goods, offering promotions and discounts, advertising services. Landing page can be either an independent website or an excellent addition to corporate or other types of projects for online business. As a rule, the landing page is promoted by PPC and is the most effective way for instant sales.

A corporate website is created for established in the niche companies to attract customers, create and strengthen the image. This is a large multi-level project, which may contain complex functions for the convenience of customers, as well as corporate communication and all kinds of monetary accounting. Such websites contain detailed information about the company, its advantages and goals, not only allow you to work for sale, but also position the company as a market leader by expertly presenting your capabilities.

Online stores are intended for the sale of goods in bulk. They have an unobtrusive design that sells structure and navigation, perfect usability and the necessary functions for the convenience of visitors in choosing and buying goods. An online store consists of many categories, subcategories, and product cards with a detailed description of each.

A business card website will be an excellent start-up for a young company that is only striving to occupy its niche. As a rule, a business card website is a one-page containing information about the company and its activities. The technical capabilities of the resource allow refining it in the future by creating a full-fledged corporate website.

What Do We Offer You?

  1. An effective platform for running online business. We develop premium-level websites that in 100% of cases achieve their goals. Regardless of the complexity and type of website, we make a complete marketing tool that does not require revision.
  2. A full range of services for website creation and promotion. We develop a website from scratch, offer promotion services to provide our customers with a continuous flow of clients, create a corporate identity, content management, and copywriting. We use unique solutions and fresh ideas for a specific business.